Friday, April 28, 2017

A Word on the Fair

A fair was held today in celebration of the success of the reconstruction effort. Ophelia and I went down together. I bought her some small sugary baked goods, and we watched the people. I made her giggle by taunting them, and she made me feel warm enough to take my suit jacket off. I left my cane in the car.

When night came, we watched The Little Mermaid. She rested her head on my shoulder when she wasn’t singing along. I sort of bobbed my head a bit. I have to admit, once I gave it the benefit of the doubt, I really enjoyed the show. I was surprised.

2:00am: The lunar eclipse began, but Ophelia and I didn’t notice. We were looking into each other’s eyes.

2:01am: We kissed.

2:04am: I was in my car and driving back to my apartment as fast as I could. That kiss...was not a unique experience. It brought back a memory that was a few lifetimes old. The minute my lips touched Ophelia’s, the forefront of my mind was invaded.

2:15am: I slammed the door to my apartment behind me and raced into the bathroom, breathing heavily. The girl, the one that had been pushing against the edges of my mind for so long, her name was Hagar. I looked into the mirror, and my eyes were green.

3:00am: I’m drunk

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